1 to 500 NM3/Hr. Plant of 99.9999% Purity with 1 PPM Oxygen.


Dx Model gas generator is used in heat treatment process and in process where oxygen content need less than 1 PPM. This gas contain 0.5 % of Hydrogen mixed with Nitrogen. High Purity Nitrogen gas can be produced by MS Model PSA unit added further Palladium Catalyst Tower and then twin tower heated type dryer to achieve Oxygen less than 1 PPM, Dew Point of (-) 60 0C. Hydrogen required is taken from H2 Cylinder or By ammonia cracking unit.

Why PSA N2  Gas Generator Compare to Nitrogen Cylinder

Nitrogen Cylinder PSA Nitrogen Generator
Cost of Nitrogen by cylinder Rs. 25 / M3 Cost of Nitrogen by PSA Rs. 3 to 4/M3
You will not get constant purity. It will vary cylinder to cylinder. You will get constant purity by Nitrogen Gas Generator.
Manpower required to changed cylinder in manifold. No such manpower required.
May have short fall of Nitrogen due to many region. Own production and freedom of nitrogen availability.
High Pressure Cylinder handling Hazards. No high pressure hazards.


  1. Simple and Skid Mounted Unit for easy to install.
  2. No moving part hens No major maintenance.
  3. Cost of Nitrogen is of Rs. 3 to 4 per M3.
  4. Fit and forget unit, No attention required.
  5. 10 Minutes start-up time of the plant.
  6. Continuous supply of nitrogen by your own plant to your process.
  7. Cost recovery in less than 2 years.