Ammonia cracking unit is catalyst base skid mounted compact unit which makes installation and operation very easy. This unit has a furnace which produces heat and ammonia gas from ammonia cylinder pass through it in presence of catalyst is dissociated in Nitrogen and Hydrogen gas. Composition of nitrogen is 25% and Hydrogen is 75% in cracked gas. Cracked gas passes through a twin tower purification unit and purified gas is used in many industrial application viz stainless steel & carbon steel bright annealing process, Sintering furnaces, Heat Treatment process to create inert atmosphere etc. Only electrical power and Ammonia is require to produce hydrogen.


  1. Simple and Skid Mounted Unit for easy to install.
  2. No moving part hens No major maintenance.
  3. Fit and forget unit, No attention required.
  4. 10 Minutes start-up time of the plant if once furnace heated.
  5. Continuous supply of Cracked Gas by your own plant to your process.